Risk Intelligence

Direct yourself!

Risk intelligence – what is it, how do we achieve it, and what do the experts tell us? This is the focus of this fundamental treatise. During the course of the book it becomes increasingly obvious that there exist no ready-made recipes for individual solutions. On the contrary: it is clearly all about us understanding more about ourselves, trusting our own emotions and experiences. This new notion of intelligence goes far beyond a mere application of the intellect and requires that we achieve these skills, learn to trust, and continue to expand them.

Your time has come now: Those who want to know more about how to deal with risks, as well as about “Leading Self”, find the answers here. Essential for HR professionals in companies.

247 pages, German and Korean language, available at the author, Ciando and amazon,  Hardcover (20 €) and Ebook (9,99 €) incl. VAT.