As a speaker I represent the essence of 34 years of experience
 in science, management, business, politics and consulting.

Effective through the ability to create both a foundation and a space for development

  • using excellent tools
  • with a realistic approach
  • beyond the masses
  • consistent in maintaining ethics of responsibility

“Risks are the motor of every development
– there are no opportunities without risks!”

Speakers Excellence

Lectures for keynotes, conference and in-house events (Lunch&Learn, Breakout Sessions), as well as for the “small circle” at the fireside, during dinner, or during an off-site meeting. A selection:

A selection:

  • Leadership of the future
  • What we can learn from poker players (and from people in other high-risk professions)
  • Risk intelligence – ways out of the craven society
  • Women and success – from princess to queen
  • Steerage from within: practical knowledge
  • Politics and influencing – creating business success by means of power

Unique expertise


Publications on management, risk intelligence, strategy, and the handling of power and influence

2015 „Die Fleißlüge“ (The Industriousness-industry) (working title, publication planned for October), Ariston

2014 „Die Diktatur der Dummen“ (Idiocracy), Heyne

2012 „30 min. Risikointelligenz“ (30 Minutes Risk Intelligence), GABAL-Verlag

2011 „Risikointelligenz“ (Risk Intelligence), Econ-Verlag

2005 „Die Zeit der Helden ist vorbei“ (The Aera of Heroes is Gone), Redline-Wirtschaft, Edition ManagerMagazin

2001 „Duden Satz und Korrektur“, editor/co-author, Duden-Verlag Mannheim

1992 „Kommunikation in Konzernen. Führung und konstruktives Menschenbild“ (Communication in Corporations), Westdeutscher Verlag