Topics for call and response

I love to be on stage, and I believe I have something to say about business and society. You can have me talk about my personal experiences in, an with, economy – a list of themes can be found in the section on coaching occasions – or, of course, about the content of my books.

The following lectures can be modified according to your respective event:

  • Risk intelligence – ways out of the craven society
  • With risk intelligence to clever decisions
  • What we can learn from poker players (and from people in other high-risk professions)
  • Leadership of the future: how we can successfully handle increasing complexity
  • The dictatorship of the stupid – what will happen if the wiser ones always give in
  • The dictatorship of the stupid – when needs, quality and pleasures disappear from our life
  •  The time of the heroes is over – guidance for a post-heroic management
  • Personality, the art of leadership, and career in the post-heroic age
  • From princess to queen – women dare to have a career!
  • The industry of industriousness

Stage languages

German and English



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