The Aera of Heroes is Gone

Since Joseph Ackermann made the “victory” sign during the Mannesmann trial, it is official in Germany, too: The time of the heroes and of the great gestures is over. Today, hardly any employees are ready to walk that extra mile for the sake of heroism and egomania – and often enough they themselves do not want do anything more with these characteristics. Luckily, especially young people tend towards thinking, testing their skills, wanting to make their own contributions – which is hardly ever possible under the leadership of “heroes”. The hero requires an employee who functions well, who follows his leader (without thinking), who executes the given tasks with diligence and assiduity (and without brains), and overall does not carry any responsibility of his own. Quite a special German issue, by all means – maybe we are experts in this field of history and society.

The post-heroic concept offers a way out of this dead-end road by providing a contemporary attitude that supplies more than merely an opinion. You will receive a practical demonstration of how your career supports you in living “the best version of yourself”, how your personality can develop vigorously, and how a leadership beyond pressure, humiliation and inherent constraints looks like. New options exist, and they are thoroughly successful.

Published in 2005 by Redline-Verlag, Edition ManagerMagazin; available as an e-book at Ciando and Amazon only in German language. Available as a hardcover edition from the author, retail price 16,00 € plus shipping costs (3 € for one copy, 6,90 € for 2-10 copies). Please enquire about the costs for larger quantities.