Edith Lot

In an airplane to Tel Aviv, three strangers end up sitting next to each other and strike up a surprisingly deep discussion. They touch issues that are not ordinary conversation topics. The limited gaze, ending at the backrest of the person in front, lifts them out of the normal relationship dynamics and makes the impossible possible: to talk about taboos, to share personal experiences of violence, to follow subtle seismographic vibrations, to sound the depths, to endure and to sustain. On the middle seat is Edith Lot, the narrator, whose fast-paced self-reflections at the beginning of the flight swiftly collapse in view of what she hears, feels and perceives. Shyness, vulnerability and benevolence surface behind the rattle of words. The conversation also inspires the journalist to discuss the questions that have led her to take this trip: issues of the Judeo-Christian culture, feminism, patriarchy and abuse, as well as her own identity. There also emerge questions that lead her to following the trace of Lot’s wife  – who, according to Jewish legend, was also called Edith – , and thus to Sodom and Gomorrah at the Dead Sea.

Novella, available in German as an ebook for 9,99 €, also via Amazon print-on-demand (144 pages) for 12,90 €. Or hand-bound by a bookbinder in blue linen (21,5 x 22,2 cm, gold embossing on the back, with ribbon page marker, single-sided print), ca. 126 pages, single-sided print, price 40 €. All books plus shipping. I am happy to sign!