Die Diktatur der Dummen – Idiocracy

My writing and my life are closely connected. When I have doubts and feel contradictions related to a fundamental topic, when an issue makes its presence increasingly known, then I write myself free. This was also the case with “The Dictatorship of the Stupid” or, maybe, “Idiocracy”: I was concerned about how we continue to be pressurised into orientating towards consumerism, I wanted to know how exactly this process works – and also why we, who are not exactly fools, still manage to fall into the many traps that have been set up all around us. I realised that if we knew more about our needs and therefore more about our perceptions and emotions, there could be an easy way out.

Now we have the world we desire – but what would happen if we had the world we really need?

German language, published in 2014 by Heyne, 273 pages, ISBN 978-3453200548. Retail price 16,99 (including 7% VAT (1,11 €), net price 15,88 ). The e-book and the audio book are also available at book stores.